Monday, 9 May 2011

Light of Allah


Malay community is easily affected by their faithEasy to believe that one way they were without properlyThe Malay community to embrace the Christian religion is increasing, but many people in Europe who converted to Islam.. 

Why these things happen.......? 
It was all due to lack of us who study the bible this book before they embraced Christianity. Malay people who converted to Christianity as to obtain assistance in order to live in luxury in the world.
Let us dismantle why christian religion is not true....
Firman Allah  meaning: Al quran, no doubt (about the coming of God and on completion), it is guidance for those who (want) cautious.

10 reasons why Jesus is not God
  1. Jesus is not All-Knowing (God is All-Knowing) - Mark 24:32-36
  2. Jesus never said I am God - If he is God why he never said it explicitly ( I am God worship me), in Gen,   Psa, Isa, Jer, Eze, and Exd God says "I am your God" very explicit, God is not shy to say I am God.
  3. Jesus as told by himself is the son of man and the OT told us not to trust the son of man, - so if jesus is son of man and the OT tell us not to trust the son of man and therefore we are not to trust Jesus, then Jesus is not God. 1+1=2
  4. Jesus always said he was given the power and authority, he never said that owned them. and God is all-Powerful, He owns All the Powers, Jesus always speak of the one who send him, Jesus was dectitated of what to say.
  5. Jesus was sent to a specific nation only not to man kind, God is for all Man kind. "I am sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel" Matthew (15:24)
  6. Jesus denied of being good in the sense that only God is good, therefore he cannot be God
  7. Jesus could not save anyone Hebrew (5:1-8)
  8. The Believers in Jesus did not believe he was God either (Matthew 16:13-14) & (15-20)
  9. Do you worship Jesus or the one Jesus worshiped? (Matthew 26:36-44)
  10. Would God be born from the womb of an earthly woman, and this Holy respectful virgin would hold God in her arms helplessly and feed him.

I wish you ponder deeply on the above because they are the clue to the true nature of our beloved Jesus Christ,
  1. All miracles he did were by the authority of Al-Mighty
  2. Almost all Prophets made extraordinary miracles, including Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and lastly Muhammad who had many extraordinary tangible miracles and the lasting one is the Quran.
  3. Jesus existence on earth by the order of God
  4. All Prophets are saviors to their nations and Mohammad is the savior and witness of all the world.

Hope you will see the light soon
Further information can refer to specialists such as researchers in bible joshua evans and Bart d.ehrman. can search on google..

If my words offend you....
apologize for my mistakes....

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